10 Popular Adventure Travel Activities In India

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July 102020

10 Popular adventure Travel Activities in India

Adventure travel is very popular in India, as there are such extensive activities. The Himalayan region is one of the best destinations for India. However, there are many options in the south too! Here's what you can do and where.

Hiking and climbing mountains

Indian mountain ranges offer a wide range of hiking and skiing options for all levels of fitness, whether you choose to take a leisurely hike or a challenging hike along the warm Zanskar river (Chadar Trek etc). These attractions in Ladakh are popular. In addition, the Indian government recently announced that the Siachen Glacier in the Karakoram range north of the Nubra Valley is now open to experienced mountaineers. The states of Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Sikkim also offer excellent opportunities. For a long trip to the Pristine mountains in Uttarakhand, follow the beaten path to Kalap. If you truly want to get away from everything and as a challenge, try a long-haul under the radar.

Where: The Himalayan region.

Rafting & Kayaking

Going on a rafting trip in India combines beautiful scenery with exciting thrills and spills. Enjoy daydreaming of famous rivers such as the Ganga River, Tons River,Kundalika River, Maharashtra,Teesta River, Sikkim and Darjeeling, Indus river Leh,Barapole river Coorg and camp at pristine beachesat night. If you have a real adventure in mind, there is nothing like the extra adrenaline rush from whitewater kayaking.

Where: Himalayan region including Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand (Rishikesh) and Sikkim. Also in Karnataka, Goa and Maharashtra.


If you've ever wondered what it means to jump like a bird, paragliding is the answer! There are two ways to learn about it - learn how to do it yourself or take Joyride with a professional. The companies that provide Paragliding Joyride in India are the Billing Paragliding Association, Fly Bir Billing, Nirvana Adventures and Indus Paragliding. To learn how to paraglide, Nirvana Adventures is the oldest and most famous paragliding school in India. Temple pilots are also highly rated.

Water Sports

Traditional water sports such as parasailing, jet skiing, water skiing, windsurfing and banana boat ride have been popular in India for many years. New activities such as kite surfing are also catching on. Rush from surfing while hanging out on a sky-high kite! Lessons are available for the novice. Learning is possible in 12-14 hours. Atlantis is a well-established provider of water sports.

Where: Water sports are offered along the beaches of Goa. In North Goa, especially around Candolim, Calangute, Morzim and Arambol beaches. Beaches like Benaulim in South Goa have also been selected.

Motorcycle Touring

Traveling in India on a motorcycle is the ultimate way to explore the countryside if you love traveling and motorbike riding. Enjoy the freedom to discover and experience India in a way that is not possible using other forms of transport. Here are some of India's top motorcycling destinations and tours. For the ultimate adventure, consider joining the annual Himalayan Odyssey from Delhi to Leh in July. It is one of the most challenging trails and high mountain passes in India.

Where: Throughout the country, including the Himalayan region, Rajasthan and South India.

Mountain Biking

Bike riding amidst the serene surroundings of nature offers a unique delight for adventure lovers. India’s very diverse topography ensures that there is a wide scope for mountain biking, including tricky terrain. Whether you are traveling in person or on a tour, an attack on your senses is guaranteed. Mountain biking companies in India include Ecosphere Spiti and Mountain Bike Kerala.

Where: Mainly in the Himalayan region. Even in the highlands of Kerala, South India.

Hot Air Ballooning

Hot air ballooning is a relatively new adventure activity in India, but it is growing rapidly in popularity. It is a breathtaking way to experience India and get a different perspective of the country. Imagine yourself floating at a higher altitude than the rush and chaos.

Where: Lonavala in Goa, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Neemrana near Delhi, and Araku Valley in Andhra Pradesh.

Zip lining

You know, it is possible to zip Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur, the Blue City of Rajasthan. How cool is that! There are heritage forts, forests and other zip-lines on the Ganges River in India. It is so much fun and you get amazing views that other tourists miss.

Where: Jodhpur, Delhi near Delhi, Neemrana, Kikar near Chandigarh, Punjab, Rishikesh in Uttarakhand.

Heli Skiing

Take skiing to a whole new level and explore natural, generally inaccessible terrain. You reach the slopes and mountain peaks by helicopter, otherwise it is impossible to reach. Surprise yourself in virgin weather and become the first person to leave your tracks in the snow. Be warned, the thrill doesn’t come cheap though! Himalayan Heli Adventures offers a variety of heli-skiing trips. The season runs from January to April.

Where: Himachal Pradesh (based in Manali) and Kashmir (centered in Srinagar).

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